dinsdag 6 mei 2014

Angry Birds Go Codes - Download a Code Generator to gain Unlimited Coins and Gems

Angry Birds Go is a popular Free2Play racing game designed for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users. Developed by award-winning mobile game studio Rovio, the game is without a doubt very pleasant and enjoyable, and resembles the good old Mario Kart in a way, were it not for certain major limitations built within the game.

Limitations that can only be removed by spending a sizeable amount of money on the game. Even though the game itself is perfectly playable without spending any money on it, one must also be aware of the fact that the fastest racekarts in the game are simply impossible to attain without spending money. In a way, you may think this is simply not a very big deal, however, one must be aware of the fact that the best karts are simply overpriced, as there is no other way to put it. For example, the best kart in the game can cost up to a staggering 6000 diamonds. Knowing that 120 diamonds cost around $1 in the game store, one can quickly do the math and jump on the conclusion that the best kart in the game costs around 50 dollars, $49.99 to be precise.
Another rather annoying limitation is the "healthpoint limit" that your drivers or birds have. Each bird has a limit of 5 healthpoints. Every race will take away one healthpoint, practicaly, this means that doing five races will exhaust your bird completely. Luckily, healthpoints generate overtime, which may sound promising, however, experience quickly leads us to the fact that healthpoint generation is insanely slow. To fully recover your driver, a whopping 120 minutes are required. This equals pretty much two hours of waiting to race again! Ofcourse, one can guess that there is an option to regenerate your birds faster. Granted, this option is present, yet, unsurprisingly it is also quite expensive. Fiftheen diamonds to be exact are required to regenerate your bird with one healthpoint. That is 75 diamonds in total to restore your bird to full health, which gives you the ability to complete five more races. Again, this is ridiculously overpriced. 
Such limitations that can only be removed by spending a huge amount of cash is in direct violation with our principles and views. This is why we decided to develop a code generator that will allow players to gain access to the more advanced karts and other locked aspects of the game, which are simply unattainable for players who do not wish to spend any amount of money on this game. We have provided a tutorial and picture proof of the Angry Bird Go Code Generator below. Hopefully, this will allow players to enjoy the game more than they currently do and give them the option to unlock whatever they want, at any point in time.

  • Download the application using the download button provided in this article. Mind that a virusscan has been added for security reasons. Please be aware of the fact that we have added a survey in order to fund this site and keep it running in the foreseeable future. Please also share this page with your friends in order to spread the word about this amazing tool.
  • Open the .exe in the .rar folder (this can be opened with WinRAR) and connect your phone to your computer.
  • Select "Scan Phone" in order for the application to scan your Android, iOS or Windows Phone for Angry Birds Go. If detected, a "Succesful" message will appear.
  • At this point you can either select to gain unlimited gems or unlimited coins. The choice is yours. Alternatively, one can choose to select to generate a code which will give you access to certain aspects of the game, e.g. a kart etc.
  • Enjoy!

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